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"The individuals I care for love being in their own home. One of my service users loves gardening so I can take her into her garden to water the plants. It’s lovely to see they’re able to continue doing the things they love."
Sharon, Care Assistant
"Being a care worker means an awful lot to me. It gives you the chance to make a difference to your service users every day."
Sylvia, Care Assistant
"The Power of Care to me is being able to provide care to a service user in the comfort of their own home."
Marilina, Care Assistant
"I settled the very first night I got here, and I have loved it ever since. I honestly believe that if I didn’t live here and have the care I receive, I wouldn’t be here today, My carers are wonderful. They aren’t carers, they are family."
Rosa, Service User
"My carers are queens. It can be very lonely living on your own, but the carers are fun and they are company through the day. people don’t realise that you just need company, someone to talk to or somebody to listen to."
Sally, Service User
"My carers give me an incentive to carry on with life. They make a massive difference to my life and I can have a laugh with them. I look forward to their visits."
Deno, Service User
"Kevin is always there for me and has saved my life. Kevin found me on the floor in my flat. He acted very quickly and without him, I wouldn’t be here now. I’m so proud of Kevin for doing that and I am thankful for what he does for me."
Terry, Service User
"I am thankful for my carers, they are all lovely. I look forward to them coming. They pulled me through when I ca home after having a stroke. They have made a massive difference in my life."
Renee, Service User
"The Power of Care to me is knowing that we make a difference. There’re a lot of people who need support in different ways, so they can live in their homes which is so satisfying and important."
Jennifer Donaldson, Mobilisation Project Lead

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